At the Museum of World War II, we are dedicated to the preservation and presentation of the genuine experiences of those who battled against the forces of evil during one of the most tumultuous times in human history. Founded by Julian, a devoted historian with a fervent commitment to education and remembrance, our museum houses the world’s most extensive collection of WWII artifacts and documents. 

Our mission extends beyond mere preservation. We strive to make the narratives of soldiers and civilians alike a part of today’s educational landscape, ensuring that the lessons gleaned from their courage and complexity are not only remembered but also understood in their full context. We believe that by exploring these historical events, we can offer invaluable insights into the challenges of the present and future. 

The Museum of World War II uniquely combines the personal with the universal, intertwining human stories with the overarching military and political events of the era. From the everyday objects that sustained life during wartime to the crucial decisions that shaped the world as we know it, our exhibits and educational programs aim to bring these stories to life. 

Our extensive archives, which include over 500,000 documents and photographs, alongside our collection of 7,000 artifacts, provide an unparalleled resource for researchers, educators, and anyone interested in the legacy of World War II. Through our exhibitions, educational center, and comprehensive digital resources, we foster an environment where the history of World War II is not just taught but experienced. 

Join us in preserving the reality of World War II, as we continue to educate and inspire future generations about the resilience and reality of those who fought to preserve freedom.