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Covid Consequences: How The Motor Industry Bounced Back

Covid Consequences: How The Motor Industry Bounced Back

Meet The Digital Marketing Firms Taking The World By Storm

Meet The Digital Marketing Firms Taking The World By Storm

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Covid Consequences: How The Motor Industry Bounced Back

Covid Consequences: How The Motor Industry Bounced Back

When the COVID-19 outbreak first occurred in many countries worldwide, it affected different sectors of the economy. The motor industry was not spared, and automobile manufacturing almost stopped completely when lockdowns and restrictions were employed. Where production was possible for a few units, demand had already dropped.

Nonetheless, the motor industry came to life gradually. Some analysts even believe that it evolved and became even better. This article aims to examine the difficulties the motor industry faced during the pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19

Many automobile manufacturing industries closed their production lines due to government restrictions and for the safety and health of their employees. These closures resulted in a steady drop in automobile production. In addition, the global supply chains were affected since most parts and materials suppliers also stopped their operations.

The restrictions on social contacts during the lockdowns, business hours, and leisure traveling time were minimized. That led to lower incomes, which affected the demand for automobiles. The reduced revenues of automobile manufacturers stranded many automobile dealers on the brink of shutting down their businesses for good.

In addition, the reduced cash flow meant that many firms were considering letting go of some of their workforce to save some more for fixed costs.

The Recovery Journey

After long months of strict measures, the manufacturers began to find ways to bring back production while dealing with the pandemic. That included introducing many measures to ensure the safety of the workers on their premises.

These measures included social distancing, constant hand washing, and the use of personal protective gear, such as gowns, gloves, and masks. Consumer protection ensured that manufacturers prioritized the safety of their workers, enabling them to resume operations and steadily ramp up production.

More importantly, new methods and technologies have emerged that will facilitate production more efficiently and produce affordable cars, bikes, and other automobiles.

Here are some of the processes that were introduced.

Digital Marketing

Due to the shutdown of showrooms, automobile manufacturers and dealers shifted to digital ways to connect with buyers. They partnered with major online magazines and automobile news websites to give information about cars, bikes, farm machinery, and other motors and what was trending in the market, including offers. That saw a moderate rise in people asking for more information and making orders that would enable them to move around as public transport remained closed.

Years after, online sales and marketing, assessment, sale, and contactless delivery have become more popular in the motor market. For instance, if one needs to know more about cars, bikes, and other automobiles, one can view the latest car news from Motomotar or other reliable sites, including detailed reviews and upcoming releases. Companies also configure their websites to accommodate secure transactions right from the comfort of clients’ homes or personal offices.

Innovative Production

The motor industry was gradually switching towards electric automobiles even before the pandemic. However, the pandemic disrupted this, especially because most manufacturing companies aimed to produce environmentally friendly products.

Governments also played a major role in offering incentives, such as tax incentives, for people who wished to own these vehicles to make the green move a success. Hence, that prompted a number of automobile makers to intend to produce electric automobiles and do away with ICE ones.

The pandemic, which introduced social distancing, gave an idea or two on automating processes. That boosted the knowledge and awareness of digital and autonomous vehicles that use AI and IoT systems for enhanced security, comfort, and efficiency. Even though fully automated cars are not yet a reality, almost every new model that has been launched in the market today contains some AI functionalities, including adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assistance.

Adaptation to Essentials

The competitiveness of automobile production brought some changes in the type of electrical that automobile manufacturers can produce. They realized they could tap into their existing resources to produce what society and other sectors needed at that time. Depending on the level of flexibility, which dictates what else they can manufacture and demand, they switched easily from one line to the other. For instance, some manufacturers have changed from producing car electronics to ventilators and other medical appliances. This move eased hospitals’ strain when dealing with chronic COVID-19 patients.

Some car manufacturers also opted to produce other automobiles that they hadn’t produced due to their line of specialization in order to give clients what they could afford. For example, there was a rise in the production of motorbikes that promoted social distance and ease of moving through uncrowded places.

Meet The Digital Marketing Firms Taking The World By Storm

Meet The Digital Marketing Firms Taking The World By Storm

Digital marketing has remained relevant for organizations that want to expand their market, enhance their visibility in the virtual platform, and increase their sales. Due to technological advancement and the use of mobile devices, this space is one of the most widely used by marketers to reach out to large numbers of potential clients.

Hence, many digital marketing firms have emerged in the market to provide solutions that may be custom-made but specific to the type of enterprises marketed. In this article, we will present the leading digital marketing firms currently making it big. We will highlight their area of specialization and the ways they assist your business in digital marketing.


Wpromote is a prominent company specializing in digital marketing solutions and approaches, from strategy development to covering all the necessary processes. This firm was established in 2001 and has rapidly expanded to serve small and large organizations. Wpromote focuses on SEO, or increasing organizations’ ranking on search engines.

They specialize in providing pay-per-click services such as Google Ads, which are characterized by optimizing the return on investment via proper placement of ads and constant refining. The company developed content partnership strategies involving blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos to deliver the audience’s traffic.

It also helps businesses establish social media presence by offering the best services that meet their desires. They post interesting content and are responsible for handling social media activities on the company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn handles, among others.

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a San Diego-based, full-service digital marketing agency that was pioneered in 2013. It has also proven to be the best digital marketing firm because it is data-driven and primarily focused on its clients’ success.

The digital firm offers various SEO services, namely keyword research, on-page SEO, and technical SEO optimization. Most of them enhance website rankings and attract natural traffic. They work towards managing and providing quality leads and conversions, and this is achieved through ads.

Ignite Visibility also provides email marketing solutions, which may involve campaign planning, subscriber management, and measurement of the result. Their goals are to successfully target clients and have satisfying correspondence through email.

Commercial Cash Buyerz

Commercial Cash Buyerz offers digital marketing for self storage units across the United States and the sale of a home for cash. The company sells these properties on behalf of clients by providing the appropriate market for the property. Owners of self-storage facilities may require urgent cash to address various issues, make changes, or address personal needs.

Equally, homeowners may find it necessary to sell their house as quickly as possible because the family faces financial problems. Hence, due to the urgent need of cash, Commercial Cash Buyerz has assisted many homeowners and storage unit owners. They do this by connecting clients with potential local buyers willing to buy the asset for cash and also by sealing the deal fast.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency (Tima) was founded in 2005 and is geared towards delivering measurable and dependable Internet marketing services. Now based in Houston, Texas, the firm offers services to clients in different industries to meet their online marketing objectives. Thrive offers digital marketing services such as Local SEO, National SEO, and e-commerce SEO, among others. It concentrates more on establishing traffic from search engine sites and bringing the objective traffic to the client’s site.

The firm also offers web design and development solutions tailored to each client. That entails crafting websites that are genuinely interactive and easiest to use, developed with particular consideration to SE compatibility and built so that the visitor ends up being a potential buyer.

Many businesses may need Thrive to assist them in creating and managing efficient social media pages. Hence, they develop and implement social media marketing strategies that would attract the target consumers.


WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It has been in existence since 1996 and offers business solutions for interactive online marketing. It helps companies with technical SEO, local SEO, and international SEO. Through this, they can optimize search engine results, enhancing organic traffic.

The firm is well-endowed in PPP campaign management, particularly involving Google Adwords and Bing Ads. It maximizes the possible ROI from the keywords, ads, and related factors. They develop content that is appealing to viewers and that they would love to read. These are their content marketing services, which include strategy formation, content generation, and dissemination.