Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal


To build on our educational accomplishments

We learn from the past as we make it present in our lives today.

Your gift to our Annual Fund is essential to our dynamic efforts to educate about the causes and consequences of the most consequential event in modern times.  Never have our activities been more relevant.

We are in a unique position to be at the forefront of learning about the War. The International Museum of World War II preserves and displays artifacts from every country in the global war. We are the only museum in the world to do this. Everything is original. Durable artifacts may be touched and handled, bringing you closer to the people who used them and the events they lived through.


Your support means that we can continue to display and conserve the collections, and to educate future generations. We are especially proud of our educational programming. Last school year we welcomed over 3,400 students, a 170% increase over the previous school year. We tripled our teacher workshops in the use of original material. We are constantly extending our reach through distance learning, collaborations with educational media and partnerships with schools.

There are now many 75th Anniversaries. What better time to commit ourselves to learn from the past as we make it present in our lives today.

Thank you for your support.


“Every day at the Museum my faith in our country’s future is strengthened by the students who are overwhelmingly fascinated by their historical peers, who 74 years ago landed in Normandy for the D-Day invasion of Europe.  Young people are searching for inspiration, for role models showing them that their generation, too, can rise to global challenges.”

Kenneth W. Rendell, Founder and Museum Director


  • Teach about the causes and consequences of war
  • Show how the war is personal and complex
  • Honor the values of the war generation
  • Promote the use of original artifacts to learn history
  • Demonstrate the contributions of science and technology
  • Infuse the new Museum exhibits with learning opportunities


To affect the attitudes, perceptions of students who are growing to maturity during times that concern us all, requires visionary private philanthropy.  Your support and creative thinking enables us to

  • Welcome more students
  • Offset admissions and offer buses to urban and rural students who cannot pay
  • Purchase the equipment we need for distance learning on a global scale
  • Offer teacher professional development workshops in the use of original documents to teach about World War II
  • Deliver teacher professional workshops in the use of original artifacts to teach about how science and technology advanced during the war and still affects our lives today
  • Provide specialized curricula, such as the use of poster art and pageantry during the war
  • Add staff to our education department to reach more students
  • Develop more programs for seniors and other life-long learners

Thank you for being a creative philanthropist.