Guidelines for School Groups

Guidelines for School Groups

Guidelines for Visiting School Groups

Privilege and Responsibility

We offer our student visitors the opportunity to touch and handle authentic historical materials. This is a rare privilege. With it goes the expectation that all handling is done with care, common sense, and good judgment.

Behavior matters. Handling artifacts with respect preserves the collection and ensures that students will be safe.

Review guidelines. We expect teachers to carefully preview the guidelines before the school visit. We expect chaperones to read them. During orientation at the beginning of the visit, our staff will review them again.

Guidelines for School Visitors

  • Return every artifact you handle to its proper place in the exhibit.
  • No item may be carried or moved around the Museum.
  • Do not climb on or enter any vehicle, including the Sherman Tank, Goliath, Jeep, Kubelwagen, Higgins Boat, Naval flight trainer or rubber raft.
  • Do not touch any of the mannequins, or the clothing and/or equipment on them.
  • Do not work the mechanical parts of any artifact or firearm.
  • Firearms on a tripod or bipod may not be handled.
    Firearms or artifacts placed underneath a display case may not be handled.
    All guns in the Museum are inoperable and cannot be made to fire.
  • Do not play act or imitate pointing or firing guns.
  • Swords or knives may not be touched or handled.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their behavior under control at all times during the visit. If they cannot comply with these expectations, they may be asked to leave the Museum.
  • Be respectful and quickly responsive to the instructions of Museum staff, teachers and chaperones.
  • The use of cell phones for social media, texting, emailing, and calls is prohibited for students, teachers and chaperones while visiting the Museum. All phones must be silenced unless they are being using for appropriate photography or translation.

Guidelines For Photography For Students, Teachers, Chaperones

We carefully regulate photography in the Museum. If photography is a component of your museum experience, be familiar with these rules. They will be reviewed by a staff member during your orientation in the Museum.

  • No photos of any Nazi insignia, uniform, flag or mannequin.
  • No photos of you or a classmate holding a firearm.
  • No photos in the Holocaust exhibit.
  • No posting of photos taken at the Museum to the internet or social media.

Guidelines For Chaperones

  • Stay with your students, and pro-actively manage their behavior.
  • Familiarize yourself with the expectations for handling artifacts.
  • Support the Museum’s policies for ensuring the safety and preservation of the collection.
  • Actively encourage student learning.
  • Assist with the evacuation of the building in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Our experience. We appreciate how respectful students are to the material culture of the War. Time and again they earn our trust. If they had lived during the war, think of what their responsibilities would have been, and the extent to which they would have had to be trustworthy.