Distance Learning

Distance Learning


Field Trip Zoom

A Field Trip Zoom Website Visit to the International Museum of World War II

This school year, the International Museum of World War II will be hosting two webinars
through Field Trip Zoom. The first will be in December and the second in May. If you can’t
visit the Museum in person with your class, you can visit virtually.
Any school throughout Massachusetts, or throughout the United States, can sign up for the

June 2018 Webinar – Young People and WWII: Targets and Activists

Grades: 5-9th Length: 45-60 minutes Categories: American History, History
Time: June 4, 2018 10:10 am EST
How were young people impacted by WWII, one of the first so-called total wars? In some cases,
they were targets of government policies and programs. In other cases, they became active agents
of change, as members of resistance movements or as young soldiers and volunteers. Through
original documents and artifacts, learn how young people’s experiences in Nazi Germany, Great
Britain, Occupied Europe, and America compared during WWII.


December 2017 Webinar — Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Technology of WWII

Grades: 6-12th Length: 45-60 minutes Categories: American History, History
Time: December 11, 2017
WWII inspired and required invention, innovation, collaboration, dedication, and a lot of trial
and error. What wartime problems did the Jerry Can, the Enigma Machine, and the Norden
Bombsight solve? Who was involved in developing these technologies? How did these
inventions help win the battle and possibly the war? How has our modern world been shaped by
these inventions of nearly 75 years ago? We will explore close to a dozen technology related
artifacts and understand the tremendous technological innovation that occurred because of the