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Visiting the Museum

Visiting the museum is a unique experience.  In addition to being the most comprehensive collection of original World War II artifacts anywhere in the world,  the exhibition- nearly 7,000 pieces-  integrates the human, political and military stories.  It is an intense experience made more so by the fact most artifacts are not behind or under glass. Most can be touched.

The exhibits flows chronologically and geographically (see the map under VIRTUAL TOUR), and for this reason we cannot have unscheduled groups starting at the same time. The overall museum is just 10,000 sq. ft. of exhibitions- and while it can have several hundred visitors at one time, we have to control the visitors beginning the tour to a number to make sure everyone has their best experience here. This factor, along with security procedures necessary because of the openness of the exhibits, means that we must SCHEDULE VISITS and unfortunately cannot accommodate drop -in visitors at this time. Please email us at visit@museumofworldwarii.org to set up the time and date for your tour. Please take note, NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED IN THE MUSEUM.

PLEASE NOTE: All firearms displayed at the Museum of World War II have been rendered inoperable.

DIRECTIONS: From the Mass Turnpike, get off at Exit 13 and stay to the right after going through the tolls, following the sign for 30 WEST - FRAMINGHAM. At the 2nd light (1st left turn) with FedEx on your left, take a left and head to the split, taking Route 9 East towards Boston. At the first light (Dean Road), turn right and follow the road until it ends at Mercer Rd. The Museum is #8 Mercer Road, Natick, Ma. 01760, with a Howeitzer cannon at the front.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Please check the following websites for museum closings due to inclement weather.

SCHEDULED VISITS take place five days a week: Tuesday - Saturday. The best times to try scheduling a visit are on Wednesdays and Saturdays, although other days can be arranged. The time visitors spend is individual but our average visit is 3 ½ hours. Please email us at visit@museumofworldwarii.org to set up the time and date for your tour.

It is required that you bring the printed and signed Release and Waiver when you arrive. The waiver form must be printed in advance and filled out before entering the museum. Exhibits have filled our reception area, and visitors filling out forms in reception makes it difficult for others. If you have any difficulty printing the waiver, please email us at visit@museumofworldwarii.org

WORLD WAR II VETERANS,  both home front and military,  are given priority in booking visits; the museum is very handicap accessible and if wheelchair assistance is needed, tell us in advance and we can direct you to easy access. You can contact us directly via email at visit@museumofworldwarii.org

ACOUSTIGUIDES are available to give background and commentary on more than 50 marked stops in the museum. If a visitor listens to all the audio,  it is three and a half hours.

A MINIMUM CONTRIBUTION of $25 per person is necessary to support the overhead necessary to have the museum open for visitors. Checks can be made payable to The Museum of World War II.

Persons younger than 18 years old need to be accompanied by a parent. The museum is not entertainment, it is serious, and we welcome any young person with that attitude.

SCHOOL GROUPS. We welcome groups, especially those taking courses in World War II history. We have specific requirements for teacher chaperones who are personally responsible for the behavior of the students. Because artifacts are so accessible, the museum is not the place for school outings and excursions that don’t have an educational focus. School visits need to be confirmed by telephone with us; please include phone contact. For more information, contact us at visit@museumofworldwarii.org

RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS. The Crown Plaza Hotel is directly across the street and other accommodations are within easy walking distance. Restaurants , ranging from Japanese to Legal Seafood are within a five minute walk. The Natick Collection Shopping Mall is also within a five minute walk.

Release and Waiver (Click to load, then press Ctrl + P, or click the Print icon. Sign and bring to the Museum.)


Politics, War and Personality
Fifty Iconic World War II Documents That Changed the World

Tom Hanks was the inspiration for this book when he said at the premiere of the HBO series The Pacific that "The Museum is the repository for the actual Holy Grail documents of World War II." All fifty iconic documents featured in this book can be found in the Museum, from Adolph Hitler's earliest anti-Semetic rant written on the announcement of the Versailles Treaty to the order to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Throughout the museum the red letter V denotes the letters and documents included in the book. It is also available at book stores and on Amazon for $29.95.

World War II:
Saving the Reality


 The reality of World War II told through fifty years of collecting artifacts, letters and documents from all areas of the war. This 142-page large-format book, with over 700 illustrations of pieces in the collection is available now at bookstores and Amazon. A DVD documentary about the Museum of World War II, narrated by Dan Aykroyd, is available at Amazon and is broadcast nationwide on PBS.